Fazenda Futuro TM
2019 — 2020 🏆 🏆
Second Place at DIELINE Awards 2020
and Third Place at LAD Awards 2019

Branding project for the plant-based brand, from strategy to the entire visual identity, language, packaging design and communication. We used various elements of the universe of programming, software and cryptography to provoke the public and challenge the status quo without losing irreverence. A complete project to create a brand that is winning the world, accelerating the shift towards more sustainable food.

Hardcuore are awarded in Branding category at LAD Design Award 2019 and awarded in DIELINE AWARDS 2020, the “Oscars” of global packaging design, for @fazendafuturo’s project. Project made at Hardcuore.

Estratégia, naming, campanha e design de embalagem @hard_cuore.
Direção Geral: @brenopineschi @rafacazes
Equipe: @garciarenata @fefows @teobaldx
@jobimvictor @juliabaguiar @aapotemkin @andrewnishida @talitabarcelos @gabriela_cb

link for film ↗

An original tale in the urban-style.

Producer design, concep and art direction for the fashion film "Urban Distopy."

Project made with SWEAT.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil