Third place in DIELINE Awards 2021.
Naming, visual identity and packaging for @yorgusgrego's new children's yogurt. Starting from a collective experience, we raised possibilities of sensory and formal associations with Yorgus Kyds' ingredients: strawberry and vanilla. Then we got our hands dirty. The kids' universe is huge, with imagination even more so. We've played with space and shape, transforming the yogurt's sensorial form into a new identity.⠀

In the Launch Campaign for @yorgusgrego's new kids' yogurt, we showcased a world of imagination inspired by everything that fits tightly inside their packaging. Project made at Hardcuore.

Direção Geral: @brenopineschi @rafaelcazes
Direção Criativa: @patriciaclarkson
Equipe: @garciarenata @blvckcvssvndrv
@gabriela_cb @jobimvictor @andrewnishida @fefows @talitabarcelos

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil